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Books The Cyclist Training Diary

Here's the only book you need to keep your skinny-tired steed performing like new! Whether you're an experienced wrench or a repair novice, master frame builder and VeloNews technical writer Lennard Zinn's easy step-by-step instructions and clear explanations make the sometimes-baffling world of bike maintenance so clear you'll wonder why you've avoided mechanics all this time. Completely up-to-date with all the latest technology. Includes hundreds of detailed illustrations and exploded diagrams.


  • 296 pages
  • Hundreds of illustrations
  • Easy to read and comprehend
  • 3rd EditionEndurance athletes of all ages and ability levels invest countless hours in tough rides and workouts so they can race farther and faster from year to year. Whether they work with a coach or train independently, cyclists and triathletes rely on their training log to tell them when to push harder and when to back off. With all of the recent technological advancements in training, it is more important than ever to have a place to consolidate training data, track progress, reshape goals throughout the season, and, perhaps most importantly, listen to the way the body responds from day to day. Designed with collaboration from cyclists and coaches, this next generation of training diaries will make it easier than ever to record and interpret every component of cycling and multisport training. Coach Joe Friel gives athletes a thorough introduction to the essential details of training and keeping a log. For athletes who are designing their own annual training schedule, he provides a guide to planning the entire season. With 53 undated weekly spreads, these diaries are the most comprehensive training logs available.

    Space for

  • every training detail, from weather conditions to resting heart rate and daily nutrition
  • Charts to organize race results and fitness indicators
  • Physiological test results such as VO2max and lactate threshold
  • Power meter data and weekly race results specific to cycling
  • Two-a-day workouts and weekly summary data specific to triathlon
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