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Pedros Tutto Multi-Chain Tool

What we have learned in our years of dealing with Pedros, when they decide to build a proper tool, they get it right. To wit, the Tutto Multi-Chain tool is one of the best chain tools we offer. And any mechanic worth their salt, knows how important (and how often) this tool is required. In short, the size of the Tutto give you all the leverage and control you need to drive pins securely and straight in the chain. Second, the Tutto feature a peening feature that works perfectly for Campagnolo chains, so what you get is one tool that does it all, hence the multi-chain tool designation.

The Pedros Tutto features a unique design called the Fit Dial. This was added to adapt the tool to the specific chain in service, regardless of size of speed. The Fit Dial is an actual wheel that features 4 anvil settings. Each of these anvil settings feature a different height and width to accommodate different chains. Each setting is clearly marked with a series of dots to guide the user for proper use. Another solid feature is the Tutto's Retracting Pin Guide. The spring loaded RPG supports the pin up to the face of the chain eliminating broken pins which ensures a perfect pin alignment with every installation. Absolute bomber construction makes this a shop-grade quality tool.


  • Alloy and high density nylon construction
  • Works with 1-12 speed chains
  • Shop grade tool
  • Fit Dial design
  • Retracting Pin Design for accuracy
  • Long handles for proper leverage
  • Includes peening tool for Campagnolo 11/12 speed
  • Pedro's indicates the Tutto is NOT compatible with Campagnolo 13 speed chains
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