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Garmin Vector Pedal Powermeter

Limited time offer. Purchase Garmin Vector to receive $300 via a mail-in rebate. This offer is valid for qualifying purchases made from May 1, 2015 through July 31, 2015, subject to the terms and conditions set forth in the rebate coupon. You can access the coupon online by visiting the

The Garmin Vector Powermeter measures power at the pedal where it matters. It sees the whole force of the pedal stroke and delivers reliable, accurate power data via wirelessly via ANT+. The Vector calculates total power and cadence. Right and left leg power are reported separately. This makes it easy to work on imbalances between the right and left side as well as allowing the Vector to be a great tool to dial in bike fit.

At the heart of the Vector are silicon strain gauges mounted in glass which maintain their calibration better than foil strain gauges used on most of today's other powermeters. These gauges are located on the spindle which rotates on one bushing and one cartridge bearing. The carbon fiber pedal body is made by Garmin and compatible with Look Keo cleats. The included pedal pod sits next to the crank arm and is held in place when the pedal is attached to the crank. The pod contains a replaceable 2032 battery, microprocessor, accelerometer and an ATN+ radio transmitter.

Total weight of the system is 356 grams including cleats and hardware. This is only about 30 grams heavier than most of today's top end pedals. The Vector is compatible with all ANT+ head units. One detail is only head units that have been updated to understand ANT+ left/right power will show left/right power. Garmin's Edge 500, 510 ,800, 810, 1000, Forerunner 310XT and 910XT support left/right power, but the Edge 705 does not.

Select standard or large pods. The standard pedal pods fit crank arms 12-15 mm thick and 38 mm wide. The large pedal pods fit crank arms 15-18 mm thick and up to 44 mm wide.

Selected features

  • Easy to install
  • Pedals with power pod 259 grams
  • Look Keo compatible cleats
  • Sees the whole force profile of the pedal stroke
  • Delivers reliable, accurate power data
  • Calculates total power and cadence
  • Reports right leg and left leg power separately
  • Park TWB-15 included

Take some time to educate yourself. This video series will show you how to install your Garmin Vector properly and how to ensure your bike will work with a Vector

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