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Sidi Wire Carbon Road Shoe

One of the top offerings from Sidi, the Wire Carbon Air road shoes are a top offering from Sidi and can be spotted on the hoofs of many professional athletes around the globe. Originally these perforated Air versions of the Wire shoes were only available in Europe, now they are available in the limited quantities in North America.

Like other Sidi Wire shoes, the Wire Carbon Air's upper is constructed of Sidi's proprietary Tecnomicro fabric with a brilliant Vernice finish. The synthetic upper is light, thin and conforms to the skin in a body-mapping kind of way that feels like a second skin. Beyond fit, it's also extremely breathable, stretch resistant and very durable. The upper is secured to your foot with Sidi's brilliant Techno 3 Wire buckle system.

The Wire offers up a modern way of micro adjustment through the simple turn of a dial. And while these draw comparison to the BOA closure system due to similar design features, there's nothing similar about them. There is no plastic used in the Wire buckle internals which provide and unmatched tactile action and leverage. The design is absolutely bomber, but in the event they need to be replaced, the entire buckle system can be removed and replaced in a matter of minutes. Two buckles, one located on the instep and the other at the forefoot allow you to vary the diameter and pressure you want on and around your foot. The HSS heel cup tension is adjustable with the turn of a screw to tighten of loosen the heel cup depending on preference.

Part of the magic of this shoe has to do with the hand-laid vented Carbon sole. Currently this is the stiffest carbon sole that Sidi offers to date. And even thought it is stiff, Sidi still provides some engineered flex in the front of the sole located directly under the metatarsal region to provide comfort and relief without diminishing performance. The sole has integrated vents and air channels for improved comfort through heat regulation. The front of the sole has a replaceable walking pad that can be moved and adjusted to open or close the vent for more or less air flow inside of the shoe. A replaceable heel pad extends longevity of this beautiful carbon sole.


  • Technomicro upper with Vernice finish
  • Pre-drilled with industry standard 3 hole pattern
  • Hand-laid vented carbon sole
  • Industry standard 3 hole cleat drilling
  • Techno 3 Wire buckle system
  • HSS Heel Security System
  • Soft Instep closure flap with vented tongue
  • One of our favorite Sidi road shoes
  • Made in Italy
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