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SRAM X-Sync Direct Mount Chainring

Your XX1 or X01 Direct Mount Crank Arms are a stroke of genius, but you either need a chainring, or want to change your current size to a different tooth count. You have come to the right place. First you have to identify your crank arm spindle design. Are you running BB30? Select from the 0(zero) offset versions. Running GXP? Select the 6mm offset versions. Switching over to, or installing on a new Boost frameset, choose the 3mm. Need to know more about the tech? Read on.

The Direct Mount system for SRAM cranksets represents another innovative development for the company. Of course, this is not a new practice for SRAM, nor is the essential design new either. However, SRAM has been the industry leader for driving 1x groupsets into the cycling world, and to great success. While the early focus was more on the development of 11 speed, the true technical challenge wasn't in making spacing closer, or components thinner, it was how to effectively maintain proper chain retention at all times, over the range and angles created by a single chainring with the XD driver 11 speed cassette.

Engineers answered this challenge with the development of the X-Sync™ chain ring design, a CNC-machined, wide tooth, narrow tooth pattern which perfectly mates with the 11 speed chain for a perfect fit at all times. This profile also features slight taller, squared-off teeth that makes chain drop a virtual non-issue. The simple three bolt system mounts the forged,one-piece lightweight spider and sculpted X-Sync powered ring directly to the crankarm at the spindle to deliver incredible power transfer and strength for the loads carried by the 1x11 drivetrain, even on long-travel full-suspension bikes. If our experience is universal, you won't be looking for a chain guide.


  • One piece, forged aluminum spider and ring machined with X-Sync tooth profile
  • Mounts directly to crank arm, right at the spindle, with three bolts
  • Incredibly stiff to handle the torsional force of 1x11 drivetrains
  • Should only be run with SRAM 11 speed mountain chains
  • BB30 requires Zero offset version
  • GXP requires 6mm offset version
  • Boost framesets require 3mm offset version
  • Choose from 26, 28, 30, 32, 34 tooth options in proper offset for you set-up
  • Weight: 32t 71 grams

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