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KMC X10.93 Chain

The X10.93 is the value workhorse of the KMC 10 speed chain offerings and one of our favorite 10 speed chains. This no-nonsense product is durable and has been treated to reduce stretching for longevity and reduce wear on other drivetrain parts that it comes in contact with. One of its's best design features is the fact that it is compatible with all Shimano, SRAM and Campagnolo 10 speed systems.

Outer plates are nickel plated for superb durability. These outer plates and pins receive what KMC calls X-SP (eXtreme Stretch Proof) treatment. The pins are Bull's-eye pin riveting for exceptional side plate retention. The magical KMC MissingLink master link is included. It is a snap to use for quick installation and removal.


  • Compatible with all 10 speed drivetrains
  • Silver-grey finish
  • 5.88mm width
  • 114 links
  • 268 grams
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Posted on 6/21/2017

Love this chain. Solid, multidirectional. Not flimsy like Shimano chains. Easy to take on and off as long as you get the KMC tool for$10.


Posted on 1/6/2017

Super chains. Great bang for buck. Usually get 4000-5000 miles out of each or change once a year. Shift well and stand up to abuse. Connecting links can be very difficult to remove - so substitute with SRAM or similar or buy an appropriate tool if you intend to remove chains frequently.


Posted on 1/11/2014

Unbeatable for value. Works great on my campy stuff.

Pros durable, functional, inexpensive.

Cons None


Posted on 4/8/2013

Works great with my campy stuff. Price is right.

Pros Works well, inexpensive.

Cons none


Posted on 11/6/2011 12:24:26 PM

I have been using DX10SC chains for several years now. I previously used Wippermans. It runs nice, smooth and wears well. No ungodly noise like the Wippermans . They come slapped down with what appears to be cosmoline. The first order of the day is too get that yucky stuff off. Second bad point is occasionally I have received a defective Missing Link. They have been bent, misshapen and impossible to install. I substituted a Wipperman Connex link. I usually do not remove chains for cleaning. With the Missing Link you need Master Link Chain pliers or a good technique to remove them with needle nose pliers (which I never mastered). As for the chain itself, they wear as well as any of them, keeping maintenance in mind. Best bang for the buck. I have Campy 10 and use the DX10SC on both of my bikes. I gave it 4 stars because of the sometimes defective Missing Link.