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Stans NoTubes ZTR Valor Carbon Rear Wheel

The 720 gram Valor Carbon rear wheel is the XC racer's dream wheel. Carbon fiber construction makes it lighter and stronger than aluminum. Stan's touts the Valor as their most advanced wheel. It is designed not just to be stronger than aluminum, but also to perform noticeably better in real world conditions.

Stan's created a carbon rim that is both elastic and strong for an incredibly smooth ride quality. Other companies use an overly stiff carbon that creates a harsh ride. The Valor uses a specific carbon lay-up that is laterally stiff while engineered to absorb radial vibrations and impacts that is almost like adding suspension. Strength versus low weight is simply unprecedented. Laterally, the Valor is 60% stiffer than the Arch and a whopping 190 grams lighter. Extensive testing proves fatigue resistance to cracked spoke holes is 5 times better than alloy rims.

The Valor rim employs Stan's revolutionary Bead Socket Technology that makes seating tubeless tires incredibly easy. BST means lighter rims, lower sidewall heights, improved durability, increased traction, and decreased chances of pinch flatting. BST rims allow the bead to properly lock into the rim for the best quality airtight seal. The bead/rim interaction is superior even with an inner tube. The low-profile shape of BST rims makes them lighter for less rotational mass for weight saving where it matters most. BST allows the tire to expand to full size so you can run lower pressure with less pinch flats and your tire functions more efficiently for better cornering, traction and reduced rolling resistance.

The Valor front wheel comes with Stan's yellow tape and valve stem installed. Select from 135mm QR, 12 x 142mm Shimano/SRAM 8,9,10 or 12 x 142mm XD driver for SRAM 11 (XX1, X01, X1).


  • 720 grams
  • 28 hole, 2x drive, 3x non-drive lacing
  • External rim width 26.4mm (21.3mm internal), 19.3mm section
  • 6- bolt Stan's 3.30 Ti rear hub (rotor sold separately)
  • Black Sapim Laser 1.8/1.5 butted spokes & black alloy nipples

230 lbs rider weight limit

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