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Speedplay Zero Aero Pave Walkable Cleats Red

Speedplay's new Zero Aero Walkable™ Cleats feature an integrated cover, making the cleats both truly walkable and more aerodynamic. The rubberized covers stay on the cleats while you are riding and create a fully streamlined profile with a dimpled surface that further improves the aerodynamics of the Zero Pedal System. This Red Pavé version is for Zero Pavé pedals and includes a Speedplay V.2 Protector Shim Kit for easier cleaning and better shoe protection from the gritty conditions where the Pavé thrives.

When walking, the covers improve traction and allow for a more natural gait, making off-the-bike time in your cleats much less awkward. This creates a more pleasant experience whether stopping at the country store or going through a transition area during a triathlon. Welcome to the new standard in off-the-bike functionality.

Included with the Pavé Red Zero Aero Walkable Cleats is a complete set of installation hardware plus a set of Cleat Buddies. Cleat Buddies are plugs you install when walking in dirty conditions. They provide additional protection from dirt and debris when walking by covering the center cavity of the cleats. Cleat Buddies can be easily removed before riding, and they conveniently snap together to be stashed in a pocket or seat bag when riding.


  • Grippy, rubberized tread covers the cleat for improved traction
  • Durable cover material is resistant to wear and will not scuff floors
  • Thin, contoured cleat profile makes walking easier and more fluid
  • Includes V.2 Protector Shim Kit
  • Zero Aero Walkable Cleats are streamlined to reduce drag
  • Compatible with all models of Zero Pedal Systems
  • Fits all standard 3-Hole and 4-Hole shoes
  • Zero Aero Walkable Cleat Covers and Cleat Buddies are available separately
  • Cleat Weight with Cover 138g per pair (3-hole) and 101g per pair (4-hole)

Zero Pavé Aero Walkable Cleats are not compatible with Speedplay Ultra Light Action and X-Series pedals.

The Speedplay Snap Shim Cleat set includes a pair of cleats and a complete set of hardware for your favorite Speedplay pedal. If your cleats are wearing out or you are beginning to see some performance loss it is time to replace your cleats. These also have all the hardware needed if you are setting up a second set of shoes for your bike as well.

It is important to select the correct cleats for your pedals. There are three options for you to choose from in the pull down menu. Zero cleats will cover all Speedplay zero pedals including the Ti, Stainless and Chrome Moly. The X series will cover all your X Series pedals including the X1, X2 and X5 pedals. Finally the Light Action cleats will be the go-to replacement cleats for light action pedals.


  • Includes all mounting hardware
  • Fits one pair of shoes

Please Note: Due to manufacturer restrictions, we are unable to ship Speedplay products outside the United States

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