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Speedplay Zero Stainless Steel Pedals

The use of the stainless steel spindle for weight savings, strength, durability and value combined with the brilliant Zero pedal design makes this one of our most popular offerings from Speedplay. The choice of many pros, enthusiasts, and staff alike, Speedplay Zeros offer a simple and proven design that is durable and reliable. Now you can purchase all models of Zero Pedal Systems in black supplied with Speedplay’s popular Zero Aero Walkable™ Cleats.

The Speedplay Zero Pedal System introduces a unique concept in pedal design that allows you to choose either a fixed position or up to 15 degrees of float using the same cleat. Dual-sided Zero pedals offer light weight, easy engagement and disengagement. Like all Speedplay pedals, build quality is impeccable. The locking edges of Speedplay pedals and cleats are made of metal, not plastic.

A low 11.5mm stack height provides superior cornering clearance. And stack height is only 8.5mm if you choose a 4-hole Speedplay specific shoe. Plus Speedplay pedals have a very aerodynamically low profile making them a Pro Tour favorite. The engagement mechanism of the cleat does not rely on spring tension for retention, so you don't have to crank down a tension adjuster just to prevent inadvertent release. Best of all, the float is easily adjusted with a screwdriver from zero to 15 degrees, and the inward and outward float is independently adjustable for a custom-tuned feel.

The included Zero Aero Walkable™ Cleats feature an integrated cover, making the cleats both truly walkable and more aerodynamic. The rubberized covers stay on the cleats while you are riding and create a fully streamlined profile with a dimpled surface that further improves the aerodynamics of the Zero Pedal System. When walking, the covers improve traction and allow for a more natural gait, making off-the-bike time in your cleats much less awkward. This creates a more pleasant experience whether stopping at the country store or going through a transition area during a triathlon. Cleat Buddies are included for extra off the bike protection.


  • Pedal weight 206 grams per pair
  • Zero Aero Walkable cleats weight 138g per pair (3-hole) and 101g per pair (4-hole)
  • Includes Cleat Buddies hole covers
  • Unbeatable 37 degree cornering clearance
  • Dual-sided for easy, no-look engagement
  • Built-in grease gun port for easy bearing lubrication
  • Large contact area, extremely stable cleat-to-shoe connection
  • Compatible with virtually all 3-hole and 4-hole shoe mountings
  • 11.5 mm stack height for optimal power transfer
  • Engagement security is independent of spring tension
  • Fixed or limited float that can be set from 0-15 degrees
  • Low, aero profile
  • Colors: Black, White, Red, Pink, Orange, Blue
  • Please Note: Due to manufacturer restrictions, we are unable to ship Speedplay products outside the United States